WinkBlink's Magical Gems Resource Pack

For Minecraft

As adventure map makers, we noticed a lack of magical themed resource packs. We really loved the idea of implementing a magic system into vanilla minecraft maps using redstone and command blocks. No Mods! Yet we couldn't seem to find any resource packs that suited our needs as adventure map makers. This resource pack was made by adventure map makers, for adventure map makers! However, we wanted to make sure to design the pack to be playable in vanilla survival comfortably. Fast forward three years later, and we give you, (drumroll)
WinkBlink's Magical Gems Resource Pack!
Brought to you in glorious 16x16 resolution!

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We wanted to create a world that not only magic exists in, but so that the world itself was somehow a little magical in its very nature. We tried to implement this in subtle ways by the colors we chose, and subtleties within the textures that you see in every day life (vanilla survival). While the pack is very magical, we didn't want to put a swirl on every block. There is a lot that can be found in the resource pack that has been full on changed to be very magical. However the blocks you tend to see and use the most in a survival world have a more subtle magical feel. We wanted to create not only a magical resource pack that would be great for map makers, but also one that would fit the everyday minecraft player's chosen play style. If you only like to play single-player survival or multi-player creative servers, this pack should cover all your needs!

The Magic Gems

The foundation and inspiration for the entire resource pack is all based on these little baubles we call Magic Gems. If you understand redstone and commands, then you can appreciate why we chose these select few flowers and turned them into the all powerful Magic Gems. We have also uplifted the humble podzol block so that it can be easily implemented into any shrine. Again understanding the use of commands, and being able to detect when certain "blocks" are placed, you can see that the potential is endless!

Not only that, but when you crush gems you get Magic Gem Dust! (dyes) With the face lift we have given to the dispenser and dropper, the possibilities and integration of gem dust into any magic gem system is again endless!

The Rune Blocks

What magic world would be complete without Magical Runes? With many different runes to choose from, you can give your shrine a whole new look!

On the aesthetic side of things, we have tried to make a lot of the rune blocks match various other blocks in the world. You can even create mini-shrines where the focal point is the rune itself.

You could even make an entire redstone magic system powered on Rune Magic!

Fancy Blocks

As map makers, we can say how important it is to have different fancy blocks that look good with a button. The blocks you see above are only a few fancy blocks that can be found hidden throughout the resource pack. With the addition of these blocks, you can upgrade your shrines further. There are a whole world of magical blocks to explore!

Magic Beans

The majority of the food in the resource pack we kept simple and basic. However, we decided we wanted the possibility of using food magic in our maps. So the magic bean was born! Originally the potato, it comes in four parts. The crop is rainbow colored when fully grown. The poisonous/evil bean was the poisonous potato. The charged magic bean was the baked potato. And the rainbow bean was the regular potato.

We have reliable sources who say that magic beans taste better than potatoes.

Musical Keys

Another major change we made was the jukebox. Making maps we found that we used this to unlock doors. So, naturally the first thing we thought of was a lock box to replace the jukebox. That means all the musical disks had to be changed into musical keys. They are also really good for simple questing purposes. Because they exist in a world of magic, they also play wonderful music!

The Fairy

Most of the animals in this resource pack have a pretty strong immunity to magic. It seems magic has not really changed most of the animals. This cannot be said for the chicken. Magic has dramatically changed the chicken into a fairy! It even has a new sound. The sound a fairy makes when laughing. The drastic changes to the chicken also meant drastic changes for the products the chicken produces. The egg has turned into fairy dust. The raw chicken has turned into fairy parts which you have scooped up using a vial. The cooked chicken is actually a milkshake made from fairy parts. The locals call them Fairy Shakes. The feather has turned into a fairy wing. Although the chicken has changed into what is now an elegant fairy, the peoples need to eat still exists.
Sorry fairies.

Rune Chart

Not only do we have rune blocks, but we have also given the player the ability to use runes in books, signs, and everywhere else in the world! Using the chart below, you can see which rune you like in the top row. Then just copy the symbol under it and paste it into your books, chat, etc. They are a great way to create decoding puzzles, or secret messages in your world and still have that magical feeling!

╡ ╢ ╖ ╕ ╣ ║ ╗ ╝ ╜ ╛ ╞ ╟ ╚ ╔ ╩ ╦ ╠ ═ ╬ ╧ ╨ ╤ ╥ ╙ ╘ ╒ ╓ ╫ ╪

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