April 8th, 2019
-Trapdoor and Bookcase made to match Oak Wood texture better.
-Change tone and color of Bricks blocks.
-Change Nametag color to Gold
-Fixed Sheers Texture
-Toned down UI
-Course Dirt was too red
-Change Villager and Smith Skin
-Fixed Large Fern Top In 1.13
-Change White Flower
-Changed red nether brick to a nice black block in 1.8 - 1.11
-Fixed Font - (A few of the letters were a little messed up)
-Fixed UI
-Fixed items sign and item frame to match color

March 28th, 2019
- Support for 1.11 has been added!
- A Pathing Block texture has been added to the pack!
- Grass texture has been added to 1.13
- The top of the Crafting Bench was missing it's texture in 1.13, been fixed.
- The Bookcase texture was missing, it has been fixed in all versions.
- The color of the signs and item frames have been changed, they were too garish.
- The Grass and Foliage has been updated, has been muted a touch in all versions.
- Oak Wood colors muted in all versions.

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